We are just under two weeks into our #FitCommit journey and one of my greatest joys has been repping it out alongside you and cooking the same yummy Eat-Clean meals each day. It’s like a cherry on top to hear about your challenges, triumphs and progress!

How far we’ve come! A snapshot of what our journey looks like so far…

– Ten #FitCommit workouts (depending on which 7-day schedule you’re following)
Over the last 12 days, that’s a combined…
– 50 minutes of cardio warm-up
– 50 minutes of muscular warm-up
– 200 minutes of weightlifting
– 250 minutes of cardio
– 50 minutes of cool-down/stretching

– 72 small Eat-Clean meals

– 36 liters of H20

– 2 Kitchen Table live chats (1, 2)

1 Twitter live chat with Well.ca

1 workout playlist list of 2 hours and 17 minutes of high-energy jams

– Round-the-clock commitment, focus and drive

– Lots of reps and lots of sweat

– 1 proud Mamma T – you guys ROCK!

LOOK AT YOU GO! Going hard, no excuses – that is how we do it!

Let’s hear it from the #FitCommit Community…

I love this program and thank you for creating it!!! – Karen V.

I am excited about it [#FitCommit] and excited about the ‘community’ that will help me. – Brant L.

I love the meals/meal plans/recipes so far! – Marlene P.

It’s so thorough and well done. Already have done the first workout and had my post-workout meal. I feel soo happy!!! 🙂 – Kori F.

I don’t feel like I fell off the wagon, I feel as though I have jumped out of a plane without a parachute! Your Fitness Commitment program could not have come at a better time! Thank you for creating and sharing such an amazing program! You have thought of everything! I feel as though you will be walking right alongside me the whole time! I can’t wait to see the results in 30 days! – Esther B.

Happy to be on this journey with all. – Andrea B.

Eating clean has been the best thing to help me the most. I love being as natural as I can be. – Christina

We can do it! – Melanie T.

It’s pretty straight forward. I wanted to also say thanks so much Tosca for creating this program. It is really well laid out. – Melody K.

Remember, I’m always listening
xo Tosca