5:30 am: Restless night. Tap tap tap, go Maggie’s 4 paws as she wanders the house looking for Davidson. Up all night with her. Poor Mags, missing her best pal. Me too. Missing my men – Braden, Bob and now Davidson. No way my eyeballs will close now. Might as well get up even though still dark. Make Egyptian chamomile tea, prepare 1 litre water with lemon and go back to bed.
Big day coming up! Have to practice positive mind setting. First rehearsal for new TV show! So I light candle, sip hot tea. Maggie beside me on floor. Do deep yoga breathing – ujjayi breathing – helps calm, centre me. Never fails. Then practice Tony Robbins mind conditioning, also based on breathing and tapping rhythms. Find mind settled and focused, even though tired. Somebody looking in would say I’m crazy. Good thing still dark.
6:30 am: Day #8 Fitness Commitment – need to work out, even if busy day. Tie up shoe laces, stick earbuds in ears and use music energy to rev up energy. Doing Lower Body Workout #1 today but will circuit as have little time. Do 15 minute tramp session – always makes me sweat. Follow with circuit of movements. Now is light outside – day is beginning. Time to finish and eat.
7:35 am: In kitchen find ingredients to make green smoothie as have to make quickly and sip in car. Still need shower – Fitness Commitment exercises make me sweaty (aka, stinky). Toss ingredients in VitaMix – kale, protein, coconut oil, cinnamon, coconut oil, chia, flax and almond milk. Pour in shaker bottle and pack. Then dress, put face on and go.
9:00 am: Pants on. Face on. Game on. Tackle Toronto traffic and spend next hour practicing gratitude. Is big opportunity but have to remember to give thanks for so many good hearts who have helped me. Is long list. Kids, Bob, design team – Deb, Kim, Lauren – Dominic and —— I say, is long list. Gratitude gives good feeling.
10:08 am: Call time, 10:30 so have time to get coffee at favourite Liberty Village coffee shop. Balzac’s! Enjoy friendly smiles of barista, also accent is nice. Is Mat and Rachel’s fault I love this coffee so much. They live here and bring coffee beans as gift when they visit. Mat makes good latte’s. Will have again when Fitness Commitment is over.
10:25 am: Arrive at studio. Press buttons on security gate and feel suddenly like rocks in stomach. This is real. Can I do it?
 Buzzer lets me in. Gate swings open. No going back.
10:15 am: Go to green room to settle in. Meet everyone – crew is awesome. Learn the ropes, terms like – throw, steady cam, sssslap, and more – rest of day is blur. Oh, BTW, name of show is Clean Living with Tosca Reno. What else? Show makes learning to be healthy and fit, fun. No lectures. No lessons. Just fun. We all laugh a lot as day goes on. Is good energy on set. Day flies by.


7:20 pm: Hours later and back at home, feel good tired. Going to do a second workout as tomorrow is earlier call time. Afterwards – pack clothes, pack food and get rest. Two more big days. Know feeling excited/scared is good as means I am growing/learning. Am grateful for this magic opportunity. Will be fun to see friends, fans and family at live show on Wednesday.
9:30 pm: In bed. Calming essential oil on pulse points so get good sleep. Sip Sleepy Time tea and read until eyes fall shut.
Thank you for this day. Thank you for opportunity. Thank you for you. It’s good to be here.