6:30 am: Day 2 of the Fitness Commitment Challenge means get out of bed and plan food and training. Not! Training and food planning already done. Doing Lower Body Workout #1.
Wipe sleep from eyes, step over sleeping dog and make way to kitchen. Need water, espresso and dates in that order. Bloody freezing here! -29 degrees Celsius. Whatever! Frigid temps.
Make way to kitchen with pj’s, slippers, bathrobe and blanket on. Coffee warms up belly while reading The Skimm. Water stokes metabolism. Dates are for energy. Let’s go get my buns hot too.

7:05 am: Favorite body part to train = glutes. Start with trampoline/speed rope session. Thirty minutes later nothing is cold anymore. Then move on to squats. People wondered about how challenging the workout in #FitCommit would be on Live Chat yesterday. Um! Depends on how hard you make it. So put weight on bar. Put more weight on bar. Put feet on 2 by 4 to make harder. Squat slow and low. Contract abs too. Not easy at all. Suggest if no bar in your house, put 20 kg bag or heavier of road salt or sand on back and sweat. Maybe small child too?
Do 15 reps. Rinse and repeat 4 more sets. Now really sweating. Hair like chia pet.
More glutes with stability ball hip raise. Put weight on stomach to make harder. Hamstrings are screaming. Glutes burning. Guess I’m hitting them right.
More glutes. More glutes. Hip raises, stiff leg dead lift. I like to make it hard on myself. If I’m not dripping I’m not ripping.
8:30 am: After good workout and stretch with knobby foam roller, I wobble to kitchen for post workout nutrition. Will make eggs and greens to rebuild muscles. Have small protein shake too. Rehydrate – feel the good tired? I do but phew! Need shower stat!
10:00 am: Time to work. Enjoyed first of four #FitCommit Live Chats at Kitchen Table yesterday. Many questions. Fun participants. Funny too. “Have nice man yet?” they want to know. No. Not yet. Maybe with new #FitCommit body, date will come. But body just part of it. Need nice heart too. I have nice heart – full of fun, more full of adventure.
Okay, back to work. Don’t worry about eating same food every day. If you like same food, eat it. I eat same a lot. Easy for planning. Going to eat hummus and raw carrots/celery now and all week, same time, same station. Is no problem.
1:30 pm: DOMS starting. What?? Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Did Upper Body Workout #1 yesterday. Pain today. Is expected. Welcome. Sign you have trained right muscles. DOMS tomorrow will be funny because from glute workout. Means can’t walk properly. Have to lower self on toilet using handrail because legs too sore. Is funny. Ouch! Ok, not funny. The price to pay for progress. Having fun yet?
4:35 pm: Tea break time. Have Tulsi tea with maple syrup and small treat – apple with raw almond butter. Is just right. Feel like eating like this keeps me happy. Is no hangry time when feel like have to hang off fridge door wanting to eat everything. No craving for whipped cream on ice cream on butter cream. Well, old days yes, but not now. So eating more makes happy me, happy you.
7:05 pm: Good day. Day 2. Very good day. Many corporations interested in health initiatives like Strike Sugar Challenge and Fitness Commitment. Helps employees feel better. Think self care is the new health care. Someone told me that. Think very smart way to help planet get better. Know I can help and want to make a difference because I made same one for me – once obese and sick, not anymore. So happy to feel better. I know I can make you feel better.
Tomorrow will be rest day. Enjoy walk with dogs. Eat Clean and think strong.
Good night sore glutes. Good night strong legs. Good night powerful lungs. Good night tight abs. Thank you for this day. Thank you for my power.