1. I pre-ordered Fitness Commitment. When will I receive it?
The program is now available for download. Log into your online account here to gain access now.

2. Is #FitCommit available in hardcopy? Where can I get it?
#FitCommit is currently available in e-format only. It is available exclusively through my online shop.

3. Is there a limit to the number of people who can participate?
No way! The more the merrier!

4. When do we start?
January 12, 2015 will be Day 1 of #FitCommit for myself and many others, but similar to my Strike Sugar Challenge, Fitness Commitment will always be available in my online shop, so you can start any time! Plus, my tips and resources will forever live on Kitchen Table and my social media pages, so they will always be there for you to review, regardless of when you begin.

5. What’s the deal with the weekly check-ins and live chats with Tosca?
Along with other live events on Twitter and uStream, I’ll be hosting live chat sessions weekly over at the Kitchen Table at The first live chat at Kitchen Table will take place on Monday, January 12 at 12 noon, EDT.

Make sure to sign up and create a log in for yourself ahead of time so when 12 noon on the 12th rolls around, so you can pull up a chair and join the fun!

6. Can I do the #StrikeSugarChallenge while following the Fitness Commitment Program?
Strike Sugar continues to be a popular choice for resetting our sugar drive. You can Strike Sugar along with the #FitCommit, and will likely have to follow the meal plan for Strike Sugar as opposed to the meal plan in the Fitness Commitment Challenge.


1. Is the training portion of the Fitness Commitment Program designed for beginner, intermediate, or advanced exercisers?
My Fitness Commitment Program is appropriate for all! People of all fitness levels and abilities will benefit from cleaning up their lifestyle with this holistic regimen that I’ve personally designed, followed and tested. You decide what your goal will be, but we will be doing this together all the way for four, life-changing, body-altering weeks and we are going to nail it.

The ultimate goal of #FitCommit is provide you with high-level nutrition and training resources, guidance and support so you can concentrate on Eating Clean and training, instead of worrying about what and when to eat, or when/how to exercise. After practicing healthy eating and fitness habits day in and day out for the 4 week duration of the program, you will be well-positioned to continue thriving! Regardless of whether you want to shed pounds, lose inches, or build muscle or pump up your curves, #FitCommit will help you get to where you want to be.

2. Can I follow the #FitCommit Program if I don’t have a gym membership? What equipment will I need?
A gym membership is not required; however, you will need the following items:
– A good amount of space to comfortably and properly perform each exercise
– 1 stability ball
– 2 dumbbells (5-10 pounds, depending on your fitness level; weight should be challenging but something you can handle)
– 1 skipping rope – a cable rope or heavy rope is best
– Olympic bar
– Kettlebell or weight plate (5-10 pounds)
– Medicine ball (5-8 pounds)
– A method for doing cardio that you enjoy (e.g. treadmill, mini trampoline, stationary bike, etc.)

3. How many workouts per week will we do? How long is each work out?
During #FitCommit, we will work out 5 times per week, at 50-60 minutes per session. The time of day you work out will be up to you. A full breakdown of minutes for warm-up, cardio, weights, and so on, is provided within the program.

I offer two weekly training schedules for you to choose from, so you decide when your two rest days fall.

4. How do I integrate the #FitCommit training schedule into my current workout routine?
Anyone can incorporate the #FitCommit training program into their current workouts using it as a tool to switch up their current regimens. Sometimes we get stuck or plateau so placing this workout regimen in the mix will help offset that. You can simply select the entire routine of your choice, for example a Lower Body Workout or you can hand pick exercises of your choosing and mix them into your routine. As I do the exercises along with everyone else during the 4 week challenge, I will be posting what I am doing and how I have changed the exercise to accommodate my goals and fitness level. This will be a big learning experience for all.


1. Are vegan and vegetarian recipes included in #FitCommit?
Yes! I have added symbols to each recipe and each day of the weekly menu plans, indicating which meals and snacks are meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free. Throughout some recipes, substitutions are given on how to modify the recipe to suit your lifestyle.

As a bonus, I’ve also included a separate section of alternative recipes, keeping the above dietary restrictions in mind so you have even more options!

Since the core of this program is to ultimately turn 4 weeks of #FitCommit habits into an enduring approach and outlook on fitness and nutrition, there are also points throughout the weeks where you are encouraged to build your own meal and snacks, using Eat-Clean-approved ingredients. Fitness Commitment is very flexible in this respect.

2. Can I follow the weekly menu plans if I am sensitive to gluten and/or grain-free?
Check out my answer the above question – same applies to gluten and grain free diets!

3. What if I’m allergic to nuts?
Simply omit nuts where they are called for and/or substitute with seeds (if safe to consume).

4. How do will I know when to eat and what to eat, relative to my workouts?
Pre- and post-workout nutrition suggestions are included within #FitCommit. This includes both when to eat relative to your workouts, and snack suggestions.