About an hour west of Caledon, the headquarters of my bustling TRIM offices staffed by 2 (Kelsey and I), lies an Ontario town called Guelph, aka The Royal City. Consistently named one of Canada’s safest and most economically sound cities, it is no surprise that this is the home of Well.ca, a novel and successful Canadian company founded 5 years ago in the back of a pharmacy, with a goal to deliver the best products to health conscious consumers.
That’s why I partnered with Well.ca in my #FitCommit #NoExcuses program for 2015. Who better to deliver the grocery items needed in the 4 week, custom designed menu plans found in my Eat Clean® Fitness Commitment? Now that you have the Week 1 #FitCommit Grocery List, I am so excited to tell you that your nut butter, olive and coconut oil, ACV, USS (unrefined sea salt), quinoa and most other items listed in the Fitness Commitment shopping lists can be found online at Well.ca and delivered to your home. Check out Well.ca’s easy-to-shop list of #FitCommit foods by clicking here.
My American friends can enjoy the same convenience. This is a convenience I too will enjoy as I look out the window and see vast fields of snow and feel the chill of blustery -27 degree C temperatures. I’m staying in! And ordering in! Can I say how much I love online shopping? I’m so busy it is often challenging for me to fill my fridge so a source like Well.ca is most helpful.
We’re so happy that we have finally found a partner who can deliver these healthful (but sometimes challenging to locate) items to the remotest corners of Canada and the United States. Finally! We will all be on the same page thanks to Well.ca. Celebrate!!!
As soon as you have signed up for my Eat Clean® Fitness Commitment challenge, jump onto Well.ca and make your life easier. Use your Week 1 shopping list to organize your cupboards, fridge and pantry. By Sunday we will all be busy prepping foods for the week.
I’m pumped to get started! Thanks Well.ca for making health, wellness and fitness so much easier.
Hugs and love,