Midnight, January 1, 2015 – Have made decision to be grateful for self and make list of reso’s:

– Focus on being best version of self possible (with or without date).

– Lift butt more.

– Practice new tricks with skipping rope. (Use cable speed rope for best burn).

– Don’t swear. (Maybe swear once or twice while practicing new tricks).

– Be better friend instead of saying “I’m busy” all the time.

– Create unbelievable new fitness program – first time ever – for everyone to try.

– Watch 50 Shades of Grey and new season of Downton Abbey. (Cable speed rope is for skipping, not 50 Shades).

6:00 am: Dark and cold outside, -22C, too cold for jumping outside, skip rope and tramp stay inside; I’m not the tramp silly – the trampoline. Pull covers over eyes and dream of hot, sandy beach instead.

6:10 am: Peek out with one eye, hope snow is gone. No. Frigid cold stuff still pouring from sky. Not sand, but snow. Sigh! But wait! Today is big day. Seven days from now, new fitness program starts – first time I have offered one. Have created Fitness Commitment 2015 for all who want small waist, perky bum, popping delts, flat stomach with popping abs. Have created Fitness Commitment because same question all the time – “How can I look like you?” I say, “No silly! Don’t look like me – big nose, blocky waist and skinny calves not ideal – look like you only better.”

6:45 am: Am in kitchen now, drinking espresso shot and lots of water. Looking at Fitness Commitment program, feeling excited. If I could live with you I would do it but so hard. Have to leave home and can’t see all of you. So new program is next best thing. We all start on January 12th/15. Commit to 4 weeks of tight, Eating Clean and Tosca Reno exercise program, then put lovely new body in lovely new lingerie just in time for Valentine’s day! Well, okay, maybe not lingerie but girl can dream right?

7:00 am: Have quick breakfast of steamed greens and eggs to test new recipe from Fitness Commitment. Will be so nice to have all meals planned for next 4 weeks. 28 days of brain on vacation, not having to think about what to make. Shopping list for every week; menu plan for every day; recipes – delish and easy; food changes for people who don’t eat gluten etc.; what to drink; tips from naturopathic doctors – all there.

8:30 am: Still reading Fitness Commitment program – making sure perfect for you. Have put nice motivation tips in. Not shouting capitals – MOVE BEAST MOVE! No, say nice things like, “Working out is not punishment, it’s power!” Mom says I’m good at motivating people, while we chat on phone. “Aw shucks!” I say, “Thanks.” Maybe can motivate you to join me in program? I want to see what we can do together. I shout nice things to keep you going. Favorite is “Can I see your bum? That’s amazing!” Bum is good indicator of fitness! LOL!

10:30 am: Practicing exercises for Fitness Commitment program. Love reverse pushup. No worries. Didn’t know how to do one either but have made nice videos of me doing all exercises. You will see just how. I have nice smiley face while making moves look super easy. You will have nice smily face too. Can’t wait for you to see these videos. OMG! Remember how bad first exercise DVD was? These are way better and cuter too. This is going to be fun.

12:30 pm: So many fun moves in workout plan. 4 weeks will fly by. Bye bye boredom, flubber and jiggle. Hello new You! Time to fuel up with protein shake. Soon Rachel will be here to review plan one final time. Thought it would be smart to have a Naturopathic Doctor approve nutrition and offer tips for making body work better (you know – get pipes moving, ahem). Both docs so smart. So glad to have them working with me on Fitness Commitment. You will love them too.

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm: All done! So happy. Program looks amazing. Butt will surely get lifted now.

6:00 pm: Clean out fridge and pantry. Remove Christmas trifle, bottle of Amarone, two bottles of champagne and last of whipping cream. Sigh!! Christmas was fun but now over. Okay.

8:00 pm: Print Fitness Commitment shopping lists and plan food shopping. Get extra cable ropes. For skipping silly.

8:30 pm: Spray tramp with oil. Oooh! Bad girl! Naughty thoughts. Springs on trampoline need oil or too squeaky.

10:00 pm: Time to remind self of all Fitness Commitment will offer: daily eating plan for 28 days, daily exercise plan with descriptions and videos, shopping lists, macronutrient ratios, tips from 2 naturopathic doctors, motivational tips, photos, Twitter Chat, FB chat, Fitness Commitment Community, I’m doing it all with you so my daily feed, and so much more…. Want to find out? Do it!