Each of us have occasionally had that awful dream where we showed up somewhere “nekked as a jay bird,” meaning we forgot to put our clothes on. That is why one of my workout essentials is gym clothes. Not fun to work out on a flat bench with no pants on! Everything sticks.


Whatever your workout activity I recommend finding the right gear to make your workouts more comfortable and aid your performance. When I’m outside skipping in the cold I wear a hat, gloves and long leggings plus a warm Arc’teryx jacket over top. When I’m warm and toasty I’m able to concentrate on exercising rather than keeping warm. In the pool, I wear a one piece swimsuit from Tyr or Nike. On a bike, I wear padded cycling shorts. Well, you get the idea.


Naturally we ladies have to keep the Girls neatly tucked away so always use the correct jog bra for the activity at hand. There are so many to choose from but the fit is most important. I prefer one that cuts high under my armpits so I don’t have too much flesh hanging out over there. Yuk! If I am going on a longer run or a bounce on the trampoline I will wear 2 jog bras for added security. By the way ladies, remember to rinse and dry sensitive skin around your Girls. It’s easy to get a yeast infection there too, believe it or not.


As you may know my favorite way to get max heart rate cardio into my workouts is to perform alternating HIIT’s of trampoline work and high speed skipping, so both a trampoline and cable rope are essential for those workouts. I love the Cellerciser but there are many small, trampoline units or rebounders with excellent shock absorbers so look around for your favorite. Or come to my house and try mine. LOLs! I prefer to use a high speed cable rope like those used by Thai boxers because I want to go fast and like a rope that has a bit of weight to it for training upper body, shoulders and arms. Yep, it hurts when you miss but I try not to miss too often.


While sweating away I require upbeat music to get super energized and I accomplish this with my JamBox – a product made by JawBone that wirelessly connects to my iPhone. My daughters gave me one for Christmas last year and I have had many a workout session made better thanks to this perfect sound system. Tiesto is my usual choice for high energy tunes but I have recently made a few bumping Christmas playlists for my #12DaysofGiving Glute Circ-out and #12DaysOfGiving Christmas Circuit.


When it’s all over but the crying (just kidding), including a session with a knobby foam roller, I write down everything I have done in my Training Journal. I like to keep track of my workouts and what I did so I know how I am progressing (or not!). I record good and bad details of my workout along with the exercises I did and how heavy I lifted. It’s a good way to keep an eye on myself.


While I am writing I am sipping on water so a water bottle is super important. I put a Santevia personal water filter in mine to help create more alkaline water. And I make water wetter by adding a pinch of unrefined sea salt and lemon juice.


So there it is, my workout essentials. I could come up with a hundred more ideas like medicine balls or resistance bands but I don’t want to overwhelm you. Now I’m curious to know what your essentials are. Care to share?


Love, hugs and fabulous sweat sessions to you!!