Happy National Maple Syrup Day! This natural sweetener is so good for you it requires a Maple Syrup Research Team to capture all the knowledge and who made exciting discoveries about this favourite pancake topping. Lab coated scientists discovered 54 compounds in maple syrup coming from Canada (national pride – for some reason Canadian maple syrup had more) and each of these plays a role in providing antioxidants and other good for you benefits. I can just imagine how awesome that job is.


“Hey Dr. Mike! Pass me the maple syrup. My pancakes are dry.”




“Got to love this maple syrup salad dressing,” and “How about these maple syrup and mustard barbecued ribs?” Dr. Fred. “Will you have some maple granola. There’s flax and prunes in it too.”


I think I could do that job, easy as pie, maple syrup pie! I never had a big sweet tooth but when I craved something sugary I always preferred maple syrup. Maybe that’s because I was born in Quebec, the province in Canada that produces the most liquid gold. The province is so renowned for maple syrup, our super smart MSRT (Maple Syrup Research Team), named one newly discovered antioxidant Quebecol. This polyphenol has some powerful superhero qualities according to MSRT guy, Dr. Seeram. “We don’t know yet whether the new compounds contribute to the healthy profile of maple syrup, but we do know that the sheer quantity and variety of identified compounds with documented health benefits qualifies maple syrup as a champion food,” commented Seeram, whose findings have recently been published in the Journal of Functional Foods.


Whatever he says, I love the taste of maple syrup and even though it is a sweet, sweet food, there are so many positive, healthful compounds in it, the syrup can even help manage Diabetes Type II. Special enzymes in maple syrup stop carbs from turning into sugar. Can you imagine that? You can put maple syrup on oatmeal and not worry about the carbs turning into sugar – that’s great news for your blood glucose and sugar cravings.


The more I got to thinking about maple syrup, the more I realized all the things that were foods I ate as a kid have been demonized. Yet, these foods – butter, maple syrup, coconut oil – are really good for you with numerous positive benefits. They shouldn’t be blamed for obesity or overweight. It’s manufactured foods that have done us in.


So lighten up and sweeten up. Maple syrup might just save your health. In the meantime enjoy these Maple Syrup Cocktail and Maple & Lemon Cocktail recipes as a special gift to help you get your glow on for the holidays. Cheers!




PS. If you really want to enjoy a special and unique maple treat try Sortilège, a gold coloured liqueur full of maple, toffee and caramel aromas made with sweet, rich maple syrup.