It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
With your butt jingle jelling
and everyone telling
you Eat Clean!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
It’s the hap-happiest circuit of all!
With those Bench Bunnies hopping and Suitcases popping
It’s the most wonderful circuit of the year.




1. Kettlebell Swings
Hold the kettlebell so it hangs between your legs. Bend at the waist and knees.
Thrust your hips forward explosively so the kettlebell swings forward and up over your head. Allow the weight to fall back down to the starting position.
5 sets 15 reps


2. Supine or Glute Bridge
Lie on floor on your back.
Draw knees up keeping feet flat on floor.
Hands are by your sides palms down.
Engage core, inhale deeply and contract glutes while lifting hips to ceiling. Lift as high as you can. Hold for a 3 count and lower. Don’t touch butt to ground.
Repeat move.
Add a weight plate on your stomach for increased challenge.
4 sets 25 reps


3. Suitcase Crunch for Abs and Inner Thighs
Lie on back on floor.
Place Medicine ball between knees.
Engage core, inhale deeply and contract abs while lifting head/neck/shoulders off the floor and drawing knees toward elbows.
Squeeze knees together throughout the entire movement.
5 sets 10 – 15 reps


4. Bench Bunny Hops
Place a flat bench in a clear space on a flat surface.
Jump from side to side over the bench. One jump left and right is one rep. Get as much air as you can on your jump.
5 sets 12 reps left and right.


5. Quick Feet Toe Taps
Place a medicine ball in front of you on the floor.
Stand tall, eyes forward.
Begin to alternate toe taps on the medicine ball in front of you as fast as you can go for 60 secs.
5 rounds of 60 second toe taps.


Stand tall. Leap into the air.
Land on your feet and immediately thrust feet backwards into plank position.
Jump feet back under you and leap explosively into the air.
5 sets 12 reps



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