Yesterday was Day 1 of The Evolution of Medicine Summit, and as someone eagerly counting down the days for this amazing event to begin, the kickoff did not disappoint! The theme for the day’s five “classes” was Building Blocks for Evolved Medicine. Each talk was jam-packed with fascinating information and insight on the evolution of medicine, cardiology, health technology, patient centered care and gastroenterology. I was so inspired by the latter – hosted by Dr. Ronald Holland – that I whipped up a gut-healing soup of vegetables and bone broth. See the picture here!

If you missed yesterday or today’s classes, no worries! During the #EvoMed Summit, each day’s speakers are available on demand for free for a 24-hour period from 10 a.m. US Eastern until 9:59 a.m. the next day. Click here to register at no charge! You’ll receive an email each morning about that day’s classes – be sure to look for it and open it to learn more about the renowned speakers. I am going to be tuning in every day!

If you’ve missed classes you really wanted to catch or find it’s been challenging to watch all five sessions within the 24 hour period, you can purchase the entire week here. As an added bonus, when you purchase today, you receive additional materials (valued at $170), including a 30 day Paleo meal plan, the first 4 presentations in The Gluten Summit, and loads more.

Today promises to be just as informative and thought-provoking as yesterday. I’m especially looking forward to Aviva Romm’s session, The Evolution of Women’s Health. She will cover how women can have a more empowered relationship with their health, herbs and strategies for non-invasive self-care, and so much more that I know you will find not only interesting but also beneficial.

Reading the description to Ms. Romm’s sparked a thought in me: what are some quick Eat-Clean tips for busting PMS symptoms that I can share with Team Tosca and the Eat-Clean Community? After all, when it comes to the history and evolution of females and their health, there are two experiences that are more or less inevitable for most: premenstrual symptoms and menopause.

My 3 Eat-Clean tips for alleviating PMS symptoms:

1. Don’t give in to your sugar tooth! We know from Striking Sugar that refined sugars cause your blood glucose levels to spike, only sapping your already less-than-stellar mood and energy levels. Choose healthier alternatives to comforting favorites; don’t go for chocolate ice cream, try my chocolate mousse instead!

2. Get moving. It may be the last thing you want to do when you’re bloated and feeling icky, but exercising will not only take your mind off your symptoms, it will actually make you feel better thanks to the rush of endorphins you’ll get!

3. Stay hydrated. Ensure you’re not confusing hunger for thirst and replenish your body’s fluids by staying adequately hydrated. 2-3 liters of water per day is ideal, and more if you’re active.

4. An additional tip, which is the gold standard for the natural treatment of PMS, is to take 3 tablespoons of ground golden flax seed every day! It’s magic.

Do you have any Eat-Clean tips for battling PMS to add? Share them with me below! Don’t forget to connect with me in the comments below, at Kitchen Table, Twitter or Facebook about the Evolution of Medicine Summit! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the awesome information we’re getting and discuss this exciting evolution!

Remember, I’m always listening

PS. I am putting my request in to be one of the speakers for next year’s EvoSummit. What do you think?