As someone passionate about health, nutrition and learning, I was totally floored when I discovered the Evolution of Medicine Summit. Imagine connecting with Deepak Chopra to hear his vision of the future of healthcare and nutrition, from the comfort of your own home? FOR FREE? Believe it! He’s one of over 30 world-renowned thought-leaders participating in this incredible online event happening September 8 – September 15, 2014. I’m going to be there and I want you with me so we can learn incredible new things together.

Providing you with tools and insight that support you in achieving your health and wellness goals is something I take very seriously, so when I heard about the #EvoMed Summit, I knew you would be as excited as I was about this opportunity to gain powerful knowledge from some of today’s most innovative health figures. I’ve already registered and encourage you to do the same!

A bounty of critically important information relevant to members of the #EatCleanDiet Community awaits; some of the can’t-miss topics to be covered include:

  • The importance of nutrition in all phases of human reproduction and evolution
  • Chef tips on the best foods for long-term health heart. Believe it! You can eat your way to health.
  • What cravings and urges tell you about what your body needs. Every one of these is a direct message to you about some nutrient you are missing.
  • Easy strategies for changing your mindset and achieving your health goals. Find out how!
  • Why most of us fail at the gym and exercise regimes, and what to do about it. This will help you not lose but win at turning your fitness around.
  • Why evolutionary concepts in nutrition hold the key to sustainable health. This is staggering new information we have to know now!
  • Easy nutritional strategies to keep you and your family healthy. Eating Clean is among these. How exciting!!
  • Why stress, sleep and relationships hold the key for a long, healthy life. Let’s get rid of the stress for goodness sake – sleep more and love a lot!
  • How our forks, feet and fingers determine our long term health prospects. We vote with these every time. Make an informed decision.
  • Simple steps for women to have a more empowered relationship with their health. Don’t we want this ladies?? I do!!

If you aren’t constantly educating yourself about the evolution of medicine, nutrition and strategies to improve your overall well-being, how will you expect to stay at the forefront of your own health? Best of all, if you register for free today you will receive instant access to some incredible videos. I have to have these myself, because there is so much good information, I’m afraid I might miss something. Videos will let me listen again and again.

I was lucky enough to speak with the Evolution of Medicine Summit’s Founder & Host, James Maskell, recently. Watch the video below! These guys are changing the way I think about health, food and wellness.


Let’s get started register with me – there’s so much exciting knowledge to absorb!

Remember, I’m always listening