In one of my previous blog entries I said that if you Eat Clean and your weight has hit a plateau, you’re getting bored or looking to take your nutrition to the next level, the Strike Sugar Challenge is an excellent place to start. Someone later tweeted me, “how does the #StrikeSugarChallenge differ from the #EatClean Diet®?” Fantastic question! I thought today’s blog post was the perfect opportunity to hold up these two ways of eating, side-by-side, for comparison.


As you can see, my four-week Strike Sugar Challenge requires stricter attention to certain foods (fruits) and the elimination of others altogether (grains). Our focus on lean protein, seasonal vegetables and healthy fats during Strike Sugar is what helps our reset and recalibrate our bodies’ exhausted blood sugar handling mechanisms. Unlike the Eat-Clean® Diet, this way of eating isn’t to be followed for all times, just the four-week period; however, this is a cleanse that it safe to do more than once per year, or even seasonally.

To all the Sugar Strikers out there, what do you feel is the biggest change or challenge when you make the switch from Clean Eating to Striking Sugar? Connect with me in the comments below, at Kitchen Table or Twitter or Facebook!

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