This past weekend Canfitpro’s Toronto event became the center of my universe for four days, starting with the inaugural Women Who Influence luncheon, hosted by Maureen Hagan, uber decorated and long time Canfitpro headliner. I found myself in the company of super star women, including Canadian Olympian, Silken Laumann, who, we decided, could probably be my sister, we are so similarly driven. Shall I point out that she has a stack of Olympic medals? Um, yeah!

The luncheon gave women a chance to hear the mind- bending stories of women who have made a career and a mark in the world of sports and fitness and who continue to depend on living a physical life to shape both their purpose and themselves. The big takeaway for me was that there was no talk of the “perfect body,” a point at which my eyes often glaze over. Instead there was a celebration of the body that could, the body that did and the body that is, purely and beautifully functional.

This is a new platform for us! We should all take heart that how we go about building our best selves is beginning to look different than in the past and that such ambassadors as Silken, Lynn Brick, Helen Vanderburg, Jane Riddell, are leading the way.

Soon after, yet another powerful Canadian Olympian, Haley Wickenheizer, took the stage to initiate the opening of the Canfitpro Expo. When she was finished telling her tale of what it takes to prep for Olympic hockey, showing us her videos that captured what happened in Sochi and how her son Noah drives her purpose, there was not a dry eye in the significantly populated house. It was pure magic.

With that the event was on! I was proud and happy to be present, where Canfitpro made the announcement about our relationship. Yes! I will now be a regular figure with the Canfit team and I couldn’t be happier. From interviews to book signings, photo shoots and appearances, I spent the next days in a flurry of happy and very fit activity.

Let me say again, I am grateful beyond words to YOU. Those of you who came to see me, to give me hugs, to welcome me and to ask questions and simply be in that beautifully energized air that screams health and wellness. Some travelled from as far away as California, others from as near as my own back yard, but it was a blast to see you, shake your hand a grab a photo with you. Thank you!! I have a job to do and that is to keep you informed and motivated. I am here to do it. I will always give you 100% and I love that this is my purpose.

Now if I could only find an American counterpart to Canfitpro…

Keep the workouts rolling and the food clean!
Love and joy,