If you started the #StrikeSugarChallenge with me on July 1, then you are past the one-week mark! Yahoo!! The toughest part is over. You rock! I hope you have taken a moment to reward yourself with one of my Strike Sugar-approved treats. These cleaned up summer delights are the yummiest way to celebrate how far you’ve come. So good, you might have trouble deciding which to try!

If you haven’t joined the #StrikeSugarChallenge yet, that is okay! Many people have contacted me wondering if it is “too late” to join and my answer is “absolutely not”! The #StrikeSugarChallenge is a four-week detox you can start at any time. Once you have the eBook it is yours to use again and again, at your convenience. The challenge is a fantastic cleanse that resets the body’s blood sugar handling mechanisms, making it a great way prepare for – or detox from – special events and occasions. With Rachel’s wedding coming up and me in prep-mode, this challenge has really made me see and feel the extra hard work I’m putting in at the gym lately.

I encourage you to gather up your family, a group of girlfriends or coworkers, or even just your gym buddy, and start your own #StrikeSugarChallenge. Follow along in my eBook together, share your experiences, support each other through challenging moments and successes, and enjoy the rewards together – both kinds of rewards, the Strike Sugar Treats but also the incredible mental clarity and sense of accomplishment you will feel having done this together! It has been truly amazing for me to see the comments and meal pictures from people who are striking sugar with me from all over the world.

As a shout out to these #StrikeSugarChallenge Athletes – this is the name I saw them give themselves and I absolutely LOVE it – I’m sharing some of their most feel-good moments from the challenge that I’ve seen on Twitter, Facebook and Kitchen Table:

“What has been so much fun, is logging my food into My Fitness Pal.
I’ve never gotten such positive feedback for the logged entries (“this food has a lot of vitamin C”, “this food is high in protein”, etc.)”
– Sheryce

“Cannot believe this, down another pound this morning.
I certainly do not feel hungry during the day and have had no cravings at all,
have even resisted the regular evening square of 85% dark chocolate!”
– Bev

“Loving this lifestyle change… love the menu plans and recipes”
– Erin

“3 lbs. down in five days! And I feel more ‘balanced.’”
– Tracey

“I am feeling so much better at day five…my mind feels clear!!”
– Sarah

“I am thoroughly enjoying all the delicious recipes you’ve given us for the #‎StrikeSugarChallenge‬.
Yesterday’s mid-morning smoothie was amazing!”
– Esther

“Feeling great! Looking forward to week 2’s recipes.”
– Jaime

“No sugar, no alcohol and staying active.
Down 8 lbs and I eat and feel full, and I have energy!!!
Thank you for the push.”
– Stacey

“I officially started this morning!! Love the 4 week menu.
I don’t feel like I am going to starve to death. There is enough health food to satisfy.
Thank you Tosca for getting back in to what you do best. You are an inspiration.”
– Janice

Anyone can #StrikeSugar and join the #StrikeSugarChallenge – any place, any time! Hope to hear about you spearheading a #StrikeSugarChallenge in your neighbourhood ; )

Remember, I’m always listening
xo Tosca