Hello Sisters & Brothers In Iron, In Life and In Learning,


Some people get a buzz from sugar. Not me! I get a buzz from the incredible positive energy people have put forward for my Strike Sugar Challenge. When I sat down to write this, gripped by the idea that I simply HAD to do something to stop the sugar madness in this country, I had no idea what I would be releasing.


You, my friends, have chosen in ENORMOUS numbers, to accept the Strike Sugar Challenge. Perhaps I touched a nerve in this country? We are ready to make a change because we know something is wrong with our food and we are fed up with being misled. We want change and oh it’s coming! I give sugar the BIG thumbs down!


This is going to be a wild ride – getting off the Sugar Rollercoaster is sometimes difficult but have no fear. I will be with you all the way, doing the Strike Sugar Challenge with you. Don’t miss out!


I hope you are ready. Things are going to get exciting!!
Love and success to you all. Welcome to the #StrikeSugarChallenge.


Tosca Reno