Here we are! The fourth and final instalment in my Summer Body Workout Series. Reading your favourite ways to tighten your abs, glutes and triceps in the comments and on Facebook and Twitter over the last month has inspired me to mix up my own workouts. I’m loving the variety! It’s all about keeping things interesting.

You know, your feedback has also done something else: it has reminded me once again that when you and I connect about things that matter to us, share our experiences and go forth together, amazing things happen. That is one of the reasons I am buzzing with excitement about my 4 Week #StrikeSugarChallenge starting July 1. Have you seen the grocery list for Week 1? It’s going to be challenging to push through at times, particularly at the beginning, but you and I can count on each other for support. I’m already feeling your energy and it’s pumping me up!

While we mentally prepare for our sugar detox, we will prime our bodies for success with fat burning tips from today’s blog post. This is meant to compliment and enhance the muscle training we have already been doing in parts 1, 2 and 3. Let’s face it, muscles will never rise to the surface if they’re hidden under a layer of unwanted fat! We’ve worked hard to tone our tummies, firm up our booties and cut out our triceps, so let’s do them justice and trim the fat.

Many people understand the importance of Eating Clean paired with regular exercise for achieving a tight body, but not as many people understand how metabolism factors in. Let’s talk Basal Metabolic Rate for a moment. BMR is the rate at which the body uses energy while at rest. Unique to each of us, no one uses fats, proteins and carbohydrates the same way at the same pace. Did you know that it is completely within our capability to alter the state of our BMR? That’s right, we can hype it up! Talk about empowering.

Here are my tried and true tips for boosting your BMR to burn more calories, shed fat, and get your dream body:

• Eat six small meals throughout the day! When too few meals are eaten too far apart, blood sugar levels swing wildly out of control and our bodies have no idea what type of fuel to expect when. BMR becomes sluggish as a result.

• Whether you have 15 pounds to shed or 50, regular resistance training is by far the most effective way to kick your BMR into high gear – make sure this is part of your exercise regimen.

• High-intensity, heavy leg workouts are the ultimate catalyst for boosting your BMR because it involves exhausting the largest muscle groups in your body. As little as two 15-minute resistance training sessions per week will rev up your BMR.

• Try interval training. This involves performing cardio at the maximum level for 5-10 minutes, dropping the level of intensity for the same amount of time, and repeating the process for as long as you can manage. These explosive sessions fire up a lazy metabolism. Weight loss in those who practice interval training is nearly twice that of those who don’t!

• If you are in your 40s and 50s and find that things you used to do to stay in shape no longer work, aim to rebuild any muscle you have lost and go for more, more, more! Lean muscle mass burns nine times more calories than fat.

• Human Growth Hormone – something that works directly on cells to stimulate your metabolism, increasing your BMR by as much as 15%-20% – is only produced when the body is in a deep sleep, so something as simple as getting a good night’s rest can enhance your BMR burn!

Burn, baby, burn! Try these tricks for boosting your BMR and watch the fat melt away. Before you head to the beach to show off that new summer body, I’d love to hear other types of series you would like to see on my blog in the future. I welcome all suggestions! Tell me what you need from me to reach your fulfilled self in the comments below, at Kitchen Table, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Remember, I’m always listening