Mother’s Day! Another beautiful day to recognize the important women in our lives – your own mother, another mother who mentors and inspires you, your grandmother, a would be mom – your list can be long but it is no doubt filled with women who have had a significant influence on you.

I am blessed to have my mother Tina as my best friend and partner in crime for binge watching Downton Abbey. The last time we did that we were up until 2 am and it was her fault. LOL! But it was fun and the memory is mine to treasure. Oh, and she still walks 10 K a day so the bar is set pretty high for 78 years old! Her mind is sharp and clear too.

I’m also proud to be a mom to my four daughters – Rachel, Kiersten, Kelsey-Lynn and Chelsea. They treated me to a hot yoga class and brunch in the city to celebrate the big day. I have to admit I doubted my hot yoga abilities because I am not someone who does yoga a lot, especially hot yoga. In the middle of my Chaturanga, with sweat pouring off my forehead, I realized my girls had a lot of faith in me to do the class. What if I had fallen on my face in the middle of the Crow pose? I gave it my full concentration for the hour and fifteen minute class and sank gratefully into Savasana at the end. I was one giant puddle of sweat, with my sweaty daughters beside me. It made me proud that I could keep up with them but prouder still to be their mother.

I’m very excited to test out my Mother’s Day gift from the girls – the Nike Fuel band. Since I no longer have a training partner (Bob – I know you are watching over me!), I wanted a way to help me keep track of my activity level and this is the perfect tool to do it. I hope that yoga class counted because I still feel it today! We enjoyed a delicious brunch featuring quinoa, organic eggs and greens with a frothy latte on the side for a treat. Right up this #EatingClean gal’s alley!

I was so happy to read the stories you submitted on, about inspirational moms everywhere. The precious words you shared brought me many happy thoughts and with difficulty, I finally chose Tiffany Curry as the winner, although I would have loved to speak to all of you – I just love the power of your positive energy. Thank you for sharing. Keep radiating your joyous selves out there!

Tiffany’s husband Chris submitted her story. What a guy! Tiffany is a fit and fine mom of two who shared her love of fitness with me and told me all about her hopes and dreams, especially those relating to fitness. It’s motivating for me to hear how she has changed her life through Eating Clean and exercise. It proves you can do it and that the lifestyle works. Tiffany says her kids don’t know what junk food is. Lucky kids! Tiffany, I wish you success in pursuing your dreams, as I do all of you. One day I will meet you on stage, in the gym or out on the road, giving it your all and living the Eat Clean lifestyle. I know it will be you because you will be radiating happiness and health. You can’t miss that glow!

Remember I’m always listening!
Eat Clean for Health and for Life!