As many of you know, I absolutely L-O-V-E coconut oil. I keep a jar of it in every room of the house, especially the bathroom where I use it as a make-up remover, hair and facial moisturizer, teeth and gum cleanser and other ingenious ways that help us sparkle and shine (I must write a blog post about those other ways! LOL).

Of course coconut oil is for cooking, melting on popcorn with a dusting of sea salt, smearing on toast and blending in smoothies too. I especially love it straight from the jar with a spoon! This delicious healthy fat has phenomenal benefits despite rumblings from “others” suggesting it is not healthy because it is a saturated fat, heaven forbid!! Well it is a saturated fat but we need those and the heart prefers this kind of fat, so get over the fat fear and dive in. It makes you sparkle and shine from the inside out!

If you don’t like the flavour of coconut, as is the case with my sweet soon-to-be-married daughter Rachel, find an unscented a brand that will fool your nose with not a whiff of tropical coconutty aroma. You can try Specturm or Wildnerness Family (available online at I usually buy mine from my friend Dawn Vickery. She has an online healthy nutrition site called Raw Elements and I’ve used her coconut oil forever. She sells her own Raw Elements brand or Earth Circle.

This power-packed smoothie is a favorite mid morning snack, pick me up, energy deliverer. I know. I know. I am making up words but when I make a smoothie with all this good stuff in it, that is what happens – I feel completely re-energized from the nutritional goodness I just drank. Sugar doesn’t cut it for me – I hate the crash and burn, oh and the cellulite butt. Give me a nutrient loaded, coconut oil-containing smoothie like this one every time!

• 1 kiwi, peeled
• 1 orange, peeled
• 1/4 cup frozen raspberries
• 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
• 1/2 cup plain Greek-style yogurt
• 1 tbsp coconut oil
• Pinch nutmeg
• Pinch cinnamon
• 1 tsp fresh lime juice

1. Puree all ingredients. If the smoothie is too thick, add a bit of water or coconut water and blend again.

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe? Do you add any extra special ingredients, like maca powder, hemp seeds, spirulina or coconut oil? I’d love to hear what you blend up in your kitchen! Share your fab smoothie recipes with me in the comments below, or at the Kitchen Table, Twitter or Facebook.

xo Tosca