Welcome! So glad you are here. If there is ever a time for you to begin your own reinvention, then this is it and we will do it together. You are about to witness the result of my reno-vention gleaned from the ashes of three years of challenge. Sifting through the rubble, shiny bits of myself refused to be dimmed. I picked them up, polished them and place them before you. Among these were my baby, The Eat-Clean Diet – a series of books that refuses to stop growing and the Eat Clean Food Revolution as recently coined by Dr. Oz, another movement that will not stop. These are the tools we will use together to help you realize your best self. We will do this together.

In this beautiful new website along with you, many thousands of you, it will be hard to forget how we face new beginnings many times over. Your stories will reveal this. My journey began and began again. You have no doubt experienced this too. I thought it had started when I made an eighty-pound weight loss all those years ago but I see now I was naïve to think that would be the only one. We are constantly reinventing ourselves. Beginnings happen all the time, more than once and in different ways.

But I know something about you. We can survive. We can rebuild and we can flourish. I’m so proud and excited to be your home of Eating Clean, a place of inspiration, of community and reinvention. Visit often. Don’t miss out on Free Downloads, gorgeous pictures, meal and training solutions and a chance to win a phone consult with me.

Eat Clean for health and for life.
Remember, I’m always listening.



From homemaker to TV star
“I don’t see myself necessarily as a survivor but as managing my life…Some people are passive. I want to get out there and drive the damn thing.”
Kathryn Joosten, “The World’s (Now) Their Stage, December 2009/January 2010

From trader to holistic health business owner
“My revenge is more about empowerment than retribution. I didn’t leave a disintegrating marriage at first, because I didn’t believe that a woman my age could start all over again. This reinvention was a way back to myself.”
Ellen Whitehurst, “Reinvention is the Best Revenge,” November 2010