I was so impressed the creativity that came out of last week’s Start Here Diet Challenge #27. I asked you what exercise you would do with only 10 minutes?

It’s so wonderful to see the ways you choose to move throughout the day. This type of functional fitness really works. I love seeing how much you like to walk your dogs, dance with your kids, and climb stairs at work!

Although I am getting pretty tired of winter, shovelling snow for 10 minutes is an excellent cardio & strength workout in one.

Check out these quick & easy ways to inject your day with 10 minutes of exercise:

From Lilliam:
“Did 3 sets of these for 1 minute each with 10 second rest in between: Jump rope, Burpees, Squats, Mountain climbers, Leg lunges, Plank.”

From Shelley:
“45 seconds of each exercise with 15 seconds rest/switch time….. Alternating reverse lunges, squat jumps, alternating forward lunges, push ups, mountain climbers, plank, cross over crunches, squat kick right leg, high knees, squat kick left left… If I have more than 10 minutes, I repeat as time allows.”

From Karen:
“I get in my first 10+ minutes of exercise in during the morning playing soccer with our 5 year old son, he absolutely LOVES it :)”

From Lisa:
“I use the commercial time during my favorite shows at night to do my squats, lunges, planks, and HIIT.”

From Gina:
“I came up with a great way to exercise and squeeze in an extra break at work. Everyday as part of my checklist for work I am able to get in some squats, curls, Arnold presses and jumping jacks and whatever by using the various weights we use to calibrate our machines. This whole process actually takes 10 minutes to perform. As the machine is going through its internal check I use the other weights and do a quick 10 minute HIIT workout. As I said, this is like an extra break for me. Always looking for something positive about my job, and this is one of them.”

From Melanie:
“I did a lower body circuit while I made dinner for my family. 20 squats, 40 calf raises, 20 lunges, standing crunches, 10 squats, standing crossover crunches. Repeated 3 times! :)”

From Valerie:
“Went to the grocery store today and parked at the far end so that I can at least take “the long way” to the store… I climb the stairs many times during the day as well as my home office is situated upstairs. It keeps my body “circulating”.”

From Amanda:
“I snuck in some sit-ups and push-ups in between conference calls.”

From Gaetana:
“I am a city bus driver (Brampton Transit)… Because I am sitting all day on that bus and sit again to eat my lunch (half hour) I am exhausted. But I have been holding in my gut counting to 5 then release, and then I do it again. So while I am stopped at a red light, I do this, so that is my little exercise while I work.”

From Joanie:
“Squeezing 10 minutes of lifting free weights while the baby naps. (I hope!)”

From Anne Marie:
“I work on the 12th floor of my building – I bring my running shoes and during my lunch hour (because it’s still cold outside), I go down the stairs, I do 12 squats and then return up the stairs and at top do 12 squats.”

From Sheri:
“My girls are home on a snow day, so we’re having a little dance party and kicking up our heels to our favorite Disney tunes.”

From Deidra:
“I usually get my yoga mat out and start with some sun salutations and then work on the areas I feel my body needs that day. It’s also nice because my 2 toddlers can workout along with me.”

From Barbara:
“Walked to work… in the rain :)”

From Kim:
“Fed the animals on the mini farm, carried bales of hay, water and feed buckets!”

Remember, every movement counts!