I started this morning’s workout with a 15 minute HIITS workout on my mini-trampoline.  I do 100’s of various moves and keep the intensity varied to get my heart going and the blood pumping.

When I am good and warm I move on to the circuit as follows:

Ball Slams:  This is where you take a weighted medicine ball and slam it into the ground as hard as you can for 10 to 12 reps, rest for 10 seconds and repeat.  Do this 5 times in a row – that’s 5 sets. What makes this hard is not only the rapid fire succession of movements but that you hold the ball high over your head and using your entire upper body put everything behind the ball to slam it into the ground.  A medicine ball doesn’t bounce very far so you really have to work hard to get it to come back to your hands.  It’s a great stress reliever, too.

Twisting V-sits with Medicine Ball:  Using a medicine ball, sit in the V position on the floor with your core tight and your legs out in front of you.  Begin to twist your upper body so that you are touching the medicine ball to the ground on the right and then the left of you.  Repeat this move for 10 to 12 reps per side.  Rest for 10 seconds and repeat.  To make it harder I also incorporate a tuck movement with my legs so that I am opening and closing my body using my abs while twisting.

Bench Bunnies:  You need a flat bench or a sturdy low table for this.  Place your hands on the narrow end of the bench with your legs behind you.  Jump in quick succession to the left and to the right of the bench keeping your hands firmly on the bench.  You will need to jump up high enough to clear the bench as you move your body to the left and the right.  Do this for 10 reps per side.  Take a quick 10 second rest and repeat for 5 sets.

Step Jumps:  Find a step, low bench or firm stair.  Put some rocking music on and begin to jump up and down on and off of the step as fast as you can.  If you have a railing nearby you can hold it for support.  When you feel confident, let go.  It’s a better workout because you are incorporating your arms.  Repeat the step jumps for 10 counts.  Rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 5 sets.

Supine Bridges:  Lay on the floor with your knees drawn up and place a medicine ball on your abdomen.  Hands are holding the ball in place on your tummy.  Tighten your core and lift your hips at the same time.  Your hips raise off the ground and your butt is tight all the while.  Hold the move at the top of the lift, then lower.  Do this for 12 reps, 5 sets.  Never let your body fully rest on the ground.  Keep the tempo even and fast.  Make the move harder by adding little pulses at the top to really challenge your rear end muscles.

Squat Jumps:  Hold the medicine ball over your head.  Place feet shoulder width apart.  Do a squat jump keeping your knees wide and getting as low as you can.  Now burst up out of the jump to the start position keeping the ball high over your head.  Repeat for 10 jumps.  Rest for 10 seconds and repeat.  Do 5 sets.  You will be burning.  End of story.

Bench Pushups:  Find a high bench.  If you don’t have one use a wall.  Put your hands on the bench.  Hands should be in line with your shoulders.  Perform a push-up with a push-off in succession.  Keep your body tight in one long lean line with your butt in line with your back.  I see people doing this wrong all the time – more like a pike.  This is not going to cut it.  Perform 10 pushups in good form.  Rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 5 sets.

Complete this exhausting workout by doing another 15 minutes of intervals on a treadmill or sprint work outdoors.