There appears to be a trend to taking a summer social media vacation – SMV.  I know I have spent less time involved in Twitter and FB but my vacation was induced by extenuating circumstances forcing me to take a less front and centre position for a time.  I have done that as you know by posting fewer blogs, tweets, Pins, Instagrams and FB’s. Regardless the time off has been helpful in quieting down my brain, finding new purpose and spending a lot of time listening.  If I am going to come out of this summer with strength then this break will help me achieve it.

And I am not the only one.

Apparently others have seen the value of taking a social media vacation too.  One of the most active SM queens, Ms. Kardashian who maintains a captive audience of 18 million social media followers, remained almost silent after the birth of her first child North West with Kanye West.  Being a new mom is a powerful driver that would make anyone take a break from social media as the newborn demands so much of your time.  I think it wise of Kim to keep these precious times with her newborn child very much to herself.  All too soon these days will fade away and the world will once again insert itself.  She deserves the rest.

In many ways the whole social media machine is much like having a baby.  It needs to be attended to hourly, daily, with integrity and in a most organic manner in order for it to thrive.  The social media machine needs to be fed, cleaned and even taken to the doctor when trouble arises.  Because social media is a relatively new phenomenon many aspects of it are being worked out online in front of fans eyes as problems arise and people attempt to do the best they can to deal with them.  No one really knows all the answers here.  Social media can be very exciting and at the same time very trying.  Dr. Oz, with armloads of recent research, recommends further this notion of taking a social media vacation suggesting it will help return you to regular sleep patterns, reduce stress and anxiety and improve health.

My family and I have been on an induced social media vacation thanks to the aforementioned circumstances of my late husband’s business.  It has been helpful for us to absent ourselves because the stress of living a public life while dealing with traumatic problems is monumental.  It is hard to read the negative comments, though there weren’t many, because you are helpless in the face of the remarks.  The best advice is to refrain from reading any of it and to refrain from responding though you might very well like to do so.  It is also helpful to remember that whatever people say about you, positive or negative online, leaves a trail.

My daughters and I would like to extend a warm thanks to all of you who have given us support and strength through your encouraging words.  We are not going away.  We are here and new things will surely arise.  We hope you too are enjoying the SMV because I am sure you needed the break too.

In the meantime, our SMV will continue for the next little while as we undergo yet another family transitional time.  Daughter, Chelsea, has returned to school and we are currently en route to Chicago to help other daughter, Kiersten, start her new adventure at Northwestern’s Medill IMC Master’s program. Daughter Rachel will be starting her full-time career as a naturopathic doctor in the fall, and Kelsey-Lynn will be busy working away in the art world before leaving for her Master’s program.

Love and warm summer wishes for the last few weeks of summer,
Tosca, Rachel, Kiersten, Kelsey-Lynn and Chelsea