Last week I was super honest with you and shared what it means to be My Best Self. Thank you for your love, positivity & support.

Today I encourage you to Eat Clean and transform into your Best Version of You by joining me in a couple of exciting challenges we have going on. Best of all – your hard work pays off with some awesome prize packs!

The Eat-Clean Diet Makeover Challenge is BACK!. Have more than 10 pounds to lose? Then this is the challenge for you. I am so excited this challenge is up and running again. It’s our 5th time offering it & every year it gets better and better with incredible success stories & marvelous change.

The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped Challenge  is still going strong until the end of June. Have those last 10 pounds to lose? Then this is the challenge for you! Follow along as team members @amyECD & ChelseaECD rock their Stripped challenges.

Looking for a little motivation and accountability? Then participate in the ABS Challenge. Your prize? Washboard abs!

Perhaps this summer you have your own challenges in mind! Share them in a comment below, I want to know how you plan on achieving your best you.

This summer is all about dedicating yourself to discovering the BEST Version of YOU!